The Toughest 3 Games For The Kings Of The SEC

I think it’s fair to say that Alabama and Georgia are not only the kings of the SEC but of College Football right now. Any sports writer will tell you that right now both teams look untouchable. But this is the SEC after all and the competition is stiff. I would at this point venture to say more so for Alabama because if we’re being totally honest the SEC East other than maybe three teams is super weak. So let’s jump into it. We’ll start with Georgia.

#3- Arkansas. Arkansas has shown that they’re the most improved team in the SEC. They’re a physical team with a potent rushing attack that can put this strong defensive line for Georgia to the test. Quarterback KJ Jefferson is a strong dual threat and will be able to stretch out the Georgia D and keep it close. Sam Pittman will have his team ready to play and it’ll be a close game. The biggest thing for Georgia is this game is at home. That will bode well for the Dawgs in this one but expect a tight game.

#2 Florida. Florida isn’t the team it was last year but nonetheless they’re a good team. Anthony Richardson is a first year dual threat QB who as I stated with Arkansas will stress the Georgia D. Dan Mullen is going to come out swinging in this one and give the Dawgs more than they bargain for and keep it close till late. Do I think Florida will win? No, but it’s definitely possible.

#1 Kentucky. Yes Kentucky. They didn’t look all that sharp vs Mizzou but it just seems like this Kentucky team has what it takes to be a thorn in the side of the Dawgs. Mark Stoops is one of the most underrated coach in the country and sooner or later they’re gonna do something big. And that could start with beating Georgia. They’re physical up front and have a rushing attack that will test the Georgia D line. But once again this is a home game for Georgia so that’s big for them.

As long as JT Daniels is healthy I still don’t think Georgia is going to lose till possibly ATL but these three teams have a chance to upend the Dawgs and cause mass chaos. Only time will tell how good the Dawgs really are. We still don’t know how well the offense performs against good defense’s because they didn’t do well at all against Clemson. However, there’s still plenty of time for improvement.

Now for Alabama

#3 Arkansas. Seriously who would have thought Arkansas would even be mentioned like this going into the season? Sam Pittman has done a great job in just two seasons in Fayetteville. The same reason I put them on Georgia’s list is the same reason I put them here. They’re physical and have a great rushing attack. Do I think they beat Bama? No, but it’ll be a closer game than people think.

#2 Auburn. It’s at Auburn. That alone is enough to put them on this list. Alabama has lost its last two games in Auburn. Alabama does not do well against first year coaches in Auburn. In 2009 Alabama narrowly escaped in Gene Chizik first year and we all know what happened in Gus’s first year in 2013. This game has upset written on it. I don’t care what any Bama fan tries to tell you. Alabama is the much better team, but that seems to never matter in Jordan-Hare. Auburn Jesus scares me.

#1 Ole Miss. Ole Miss might have the best offense in the country. Matt Corral is an under the radar Heisman Candidate and Lane Kiffin is one of the best play callers in football. He also knows the Saban system well. If the Ole Miss defense is improved, this one will be a real barn burner in Tuscaloosa. Alabama’s defense is a lot better but it’s Ole Miss and they’re gonna put up points. It’ll be a great game when the Rebels come to town and a very high scoring one at that.

In the end, will Bama or Georgia lose before ATL? Probably not, but they will be tested and will definitely have to be playing their best football. But when it comes down to it there’s not a team in the country better than these two. Does that mean one of them won’t lose? Definitely not. But if they play their best football then they won’t.

I’m not going to try to make Alabama vs Georgia predictions now because there’s 10 games to go, but there’s no reason now not to think these teams won’t be playing for a National Title in an Indianapolis rematch in January.

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