My thoughts on Tennessee vs Ole Miss

“We have the greatest fan base in America… the crowd has to be loud Saturday and play a part of this game and make it hard for Ole Miss to communicate.”-Josh Huepel, Tennessee Football Head Coach

VolNation, he’s talking about us. On Saturday, we get Neyland under the lights against a top-15 opponent, in a primetime game with a real chance at victory. This, through multiple failed head coaching tenures, this is what we’ve been waiting for. I know how rowdy the Neyland crazies can get, and it’s on us to bring the craziness, rowdiness, and everything in between to an all-time apex Saturday night. Nobody currently directly involved with the program, not the coaches, not the players, not even the Athletic Director truly know what is coming their way this weekend. They are going to realize what they are now a part of, the pride that comes with putting on that Power T and what it signifies. What and who they are playing for, us, the best fanbase in all of existence. I’m sure the players will be up to the test, but as fans, we absolutely HAVE to come out in full force. We must be LOUD early and often. We need to show everyone around the country the impact not a crowd, but a Neyland crowd can have on a football game. Most importantly though, above all this, we must enjoy this.

This is the first time there’s been a true big game feel in Knoxville since 2016. Neyland Stadium is sold out for the first time since the Georgia game in 2017. We are checkering Neyland. Kiffin is making his return as a Head Coach. All eyes in the country will be fixed on Neyland Stadium. VolNation, in the moments leading up to kickoff, take it all in. Enjoy the hell out of every single bit of it, then once that ball comes off the tee for the first time, BRING. IT. Bring the noise early and often, every play. Make Lane Kiffin’s life a living hell. Don’t waver if things don’t go our way early, this is when we must get louder and affect Ole Miss on a new level. Create havoc from your seat, let pandemonium reign every 3rd down, and impact the game as a fan.

It’s Neyland at night. It’s primetime. It’s Checker Neyland. It’s Lane’s return. We’ve asked for half a decade to have a reason to make Neyland, Neyland. Now, we have every reason to. Saturday night, we show up, and the biggest sleeping giant of them all, VolNation, is awoken.

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