LSU vs McNeese Preview

When LSU takes the field inside Death Valley for their home opener vs McNeese State, it won’t just be a typical non-conference blow out against a small in-state school.

Out of Lake Charles, the McNeese State Cowboys possess a dangerous weapon….not just on the field, but regarding the psychological effects his presence could muster on LSU’s sidelines:

QB Cody Orgeron….yes, that’s right….Coach Ed Orgeron’s son will be taking on his own father in a battle that will bring tears and hugs when triple zeros hit the clock at Tigers Stadium.Although LSU are monumental favorites heading into this game, one must understand the fragile stakes here:

However unlikely it might seem, if Cody is to beat his father’s LSU Tigers at Death Valley, not only would it be McNeese State’s greatest moment in program history, it may directly cost his Dad’s job.

Judging by this week’s slate of intense practices, LSU are aiming to flex their muscles for the first time since South Carolina 2020:
The team are trying to fight through swirling criticism and mounting pressure, all while Coach O’s under-fire staff work around the clock to fix their glaring mistakes vs UCLA:
Before the season, Daronte Jones called his defense “violent”, yet after Saturday, you wouldn’t be wrong dubbing them “soft”, instead.

Without an offensive line or rushing attack to rely on, Offensive Coordinator Jake Peetz did his young quarterback no favors when he turned away from the quick-strike aerial attack.

Will LSU’s new coaching staff be exposed by a small in-state opponent?

Could Coach O’s Tigers overstep their confidence once again? Either way, this Saturday at Death Valley will be a game that will live long in the memory:

While Ed Orgeron has enjoyed a fabled career stretching back to the early 80s, building dynasties at Miami and USC, as well as coaching the legendary 2019 LSU team, the sensation of taking on his own son this Saturday will be 4 quarters Coach O will cherish most of all….a once in a lifetime opportunity, a rarely seen “father vs son” battle on the CFB stage…..all while Coach O rides on a flaming hot seat:

Love him or hate him, Orgeron’s life reads like a college football story straight from a dream Hollywood movie….but could his own son “Flip the script” and turn the temperature on his hot seat to a feverish boil?


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