Auburn Takes On Akron Week 1

Kickoff: 6:00 CT

Channel: ESPN+


The Bo Nix Heisman tour begins at home against the mighty Akron Zips. If you know anything about Akron football, you know this team is BAD. They are most likely one of the bottom five teams playing FBS football. Akron has won a whopping total of 1 game over the past two season, and they did this playing in what is the worst football conference at the FBS level, the Mid-American Conference (MAC). Although this likely means smooth sailing for the Tigers in their home opener, there are a couple players on Akron to keep your eye out for.


Kato Nelson, QB

The dual-threat QB will be making his first start since 2019 after sitting out 2020 with an injury. With last year’s starting RB, Teon Dollard, being kicked off the team due to a felony weapons charge, I expect Nelson to be asked to use his legs quite a bit in this game. While he did lead his team to a 0-12 record in 2019, he has shown promise in the past, as he helped the 2017 Akron team gain bowl eligibility. This is the same goal that the 2021 Alabama Crimson Tide has.


Michael Scott, DE

The Akron Zips start a man named Michael Scott at defensive end. Akron may suck, but this guy definitely has one of the best names in college football.



There is a reason Auburn is 37 point favorites in their opening game with a new coach. Akron is terrible. However, the danger you run into in betting this game is Auburn will likely be pulling starters in the third quarter. Akron returns a Senior QB with experience, their entire offensive line, and eight players from their defense. Again, this will not be enough to make this a game; however, I could see this experience being enough to help the Zips backdoor Auburn -37 late in the game. I would stay away from betting this one, and sit back, relax, and enjoy one of many easy Auburn victories this season. War Damn Eagle


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